NO. It’s as simple as that! We’ve decided to remove all shipping charges. So, you only pay the displayed price for each product

Although we process your order within a maximum of 48 hours and proceed to ship it to our delivery partner, delays may occur due to the large number of orders or factors beyond our control such as the COVID19 pandemic.

In general, our standard delivery times will take around 20-28 days and 5-15 days for express delivery (on average, depending on your delivery location) after being dispatched from our warehouse.

All orders will typically be dispatched within 2 business days from our warehouse. All orders will be shipped in durable packaging to ensure your purchase is not damaged during transit.

After placing your order, we start processing it within 48h. We have strict policy to ship your package to one of our delivery partner within 48h. Our partner take in charge your package and start the shipping process. Usually, products are delivered within 15 days. However, some delays may occur due to COVID-19.

You should have received an invoice in the order confirmation email that we sent you right after your payment was processed.


Depending of the payment gateway you’ve used when ordering, the order payment is made immediately. Sometimes, it could take up to 3 business days.

First thing to do is to contact our support team immediately and send photos of the product as it was delivered. The support team takes then necessary actions to fix the issue.

We have a 14-days return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

Our approach is different from that of other online stores. We prefer to focus on one product at a time in order to reduce our production costs. This approach allows us to offer you a really interesting price.

However, we are planning to launch new plush toys but only one at a time.