Loyalty & Reward Program

Your deserve it

We make shopping fun and exciting by giving back to our customers. Our Loyalty Program awards you PlushyBucks (Points) for different types of engagements with Plushyspace.com and our partners. Your PlushyBucks can then be converted into credits to be used when ordering online.

How to earn PlushyBucks?

Earning PlushyBucks

  • Signup on website - 100 PlushyBucks
  • Placing an order - 2 PlushyBucks for every $1
  • Placing 5 orders - 300 PlushyBucks
  • Reaching 1000 PlushyBucks - Additional 500 PlushyBucks added
  • Adding a review with photo - 200 PlushyBucks
  • On birthday - 200 PlushyBucks
How to redeem your PlushyBucks?

Spending PlushyBucks

  • 100 PlushyBucks - $1 Credit
  • 500 PlushyBucks - $5.00 Credit
  • 1,000 PlushyBucks - $10.00 Credit
  • 10,000 PlushyBucks - $100 Credit
  • 50,000 PlushyBucks - $500 Credit
  • 100,000 PlushyBucks - $1,000 Credit

Redeeming PlushyBucks: When you redeem your PlushyBucks, a discount code will be generated to be used on checkout. Contact us if you have any questions about our loyalty program.

View, Earn and Spend PlushyBucks

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check your PlushyBucks balance by accessing the “My PlushyBucks” panel located in your account when you log in.

To consult your PlushyBucks balance, you need to login to your account. Once logged in, you simply click on the link “My PlushyBucks” located under the “user icon” or in the left menu in your account dashboard.

You can earn PlushyBucks by interacting with our website as placing an order, register for a free account, reaching certain milestones (placing 5 orders, earning 5000 plushybucks, etc.), and sometimes, you just earn PlushyBucks on your birthday. Above a list of different ways to earn PlushyBucks.

When placing an order, you will need to be logged into your account. Once you reach the checkout page, a message will appear with the amount of PlushyBucks you have earned and their value in credit. By clicking on “APPLY PLUSHYBUCKS”, your PlushyBucks will be converted into credit and applied automatically to your order.

Rewarded discount codes can only be used once and applied to only one order.