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How to Fluff Out Stuffed Animal Hair After Washing

When a stuffie has been through the washer/dryer, its fur can become matted easily, especially longer fur.

Here’s few tips to fluff out your favorite plush doll/animal after a good wash.

  1. Start by rinsing them completely off and be sure to squeeze out all the soap.
  2. Get them to be damp instead of dripping wet.
  3. Then take your comb and brush out their fur in the direction it is already going (or again in a circle/just straight up for short directionless fur).
  4. If you are conditioning their fur, you’ll need to condition > comb > rinse > comb again.

After they’re all rinsed off put them on a towel to soak up the water and let them dry for a day to a few days (depending on their size).

Finally, when it’s completely dry and the hair on the animal is stiff, brush it with a softer hair brush.

The result will be a soft fuzzy clean and significantly fluffier animal.

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A little dirt or stain can mean a lot of love in a child’s favorite stuffed animal. Take this into mind when thinking about washing a stuffed animal. Only wash them thoroughly when necessary. This is especially important if the plushie is well-worn or very old. Some plush toys may not survive a heavy wash. Washing stuffed animals is easy if you follow these helpful tips, but you always run the risk of damage. If there’s no danger, a tiny bit of wear and tear can add to their charm.

Please note that does not take responsibility for damage done by following any of these cleaning methods.